Sunset Gun were sisters Louise and Deirdre Rutkowski and multi-instumentalist Ross Campbell. In 1984, they were snapped up by CBS who released three single and an album.

The Rutkowski sisters went onto bigger things and eventually gained huge acclaim for their extraordinary vocal work on the last two This Mortal Coil albums on 4AD and then The Hope Blister (also on 4AD).

Their original sound was very much in the pop/soul field and they should have broken through. The three singles will be remembered as "should-have-been" hits plus an album on CBS "In An Ideal World".

This site presents the full discography of 'Sunset Gun' including the artwork and music which is included here with permission from Louise & Deirdre Rutkowski and Ross Campbell . Because all of the releases are not currently available and have never been released on CD or download the mp3's of all the tracks are ripped from vinyl/cassette. My hope is that they will get an official, remastered release.

Click on the links above to go to each release.

Read an interview with Ross about his time in 'Sunset Gun'

Find out about Louise's new album, the first that she has been involved in the songwriting of since Sunset Gun, here 

Copyright of the artwork and music are retained by the licence holder.  

Discography created by sunset.gun@gmx.com


Backing band members:

Jim Williams (guitar), Graham Brierton(bass) Gordon Wilson (drums)

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