Sunset Gun Discography

Ross Campbell has graciously gone through all his old cassette tapes and found some of the original demo's and unreleased tracks and converted them to mp3 for me to include on this site. Thanks Ross. This is what he has to say about them:

 "Ah memories!....

So as promised Richard, here are the digitised recordings. I've organised them by recording session, i.e. the songs that were recorded on those occasions, hence the reason for naming them mainly by the studio used. The order is not chronological - my memory is way too hazy for any accuracy there! (although session dates are noted on some cassette cover pics)
They are all digitised from my own cassette copies. I imported them and did not adjust them in any way, other than a little touch of brightness added overall. It's interesting listening back to different versions of tracks! There are two versions of the same song but named differently; "Can't Cloud My View" and "Don't Cloud My View". I don't recall that being deliberate?! Two versions of "Open Your Heart" - have you ever heard this song? - one which was called 'Change' on the sessions with The Quick. It wasn't until this week that I even remembered The Quick producing us! Jeez... Neither version made the album of course, though I like both, especially Alan's version although this is only a board mix and is almost entirely devoid of low end. I think his ears were shot! Similarly with "One Moment" and "Hand Jive" - two recordings each but neither on the album. In retrospect - way too fast and in too high a key for the girls, "Hand Jive" that is.
Glad too that I found the "Stay With Me" Bob Sergeant recordings, in particular the 12" one that I did with John Gallen. Thought that was lost!
You will be interested in the Post Buns folder, where things had become The Rutkowski Sisters. Jim was more involved in production as I recall, but essentially the same personal as SG. A change in direction here. Is 'Smile' an Alan McCusker Thomson song Louise? Sure sounds like one. How did you end up doing that?
I'm fairly certain that these recordings, together with all of those on the discography website site, make the complete recorded output of Sunset Gun. Anyway fellow buns, make a pot of tea, get a pack of biscuits and reminisce....

Ross x"

1st Park Lane Demo's 

Face up to what is True demo.mp3

How can you mend a Broken Heart_ demo.mp3

One Moment demo.mp3

Toungue-tied and Twisted demo.mp3

2nd Park Lane Demo's  

Get down on your Knees Demo.mp3

On the Right Side Demo.mp3

Paint the Town Red Demo.mp3

Sister Demo.mp3

1st Castle Sound Demo's November 1983 

One Moment (Castle Sound) Demo.mp3

Don't Cloud my View (Castle Sound) Demo.mp3

2nd Castle Sound Demo's 16th, 17th & 18th December 1983 

Stay With Me (Castle Sound) Demo.mp3

Hand Jive (Castle Sound) Demo.mp3

Company (Castle Sound) Demo.mp3

3rd Castle Sound Demo's 



Trident Studios Session, 24th August '84. Producer Alan Rankin 


Sarm West Studios, Produced by 'The Quick' (Colin Campsie and George McFarlane)

Open Your Heart (The Quick).mp3

Hand Jive (The Quick).mp3

 Unreleased single 'Stay With Me', produced by Bob Sargeant, 12" mix by John Gallen and Ross Campbell

SGun Stay with Me (Bob 7).mp3


Post Sunset Gun 'Rutkowski Sisters' demo's produced by  Jim Williams. Ross Campbell keyboards. Songs written by Louise & Deidre Rutkowski and Jim Williams except 'Smile' by Alan McCusker-Thomson of Glasgow band The Painted Word. Recorded in CaVa in Glasgow.

Alone at Last.mp3

Joy Ride.mp3


Yes Indeed.mp3

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