Sunset Gun Discography

Park Lane Archives (compilation CD released by Jungle Records November 2009)

Includes the track 'Riverman' by 'The Rutkowski Sisters' (recorded before Sunset Gun) Written by Nick Drake.

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This track was included on a mail order only cassette released by Louise and Dierdre. I am hoping to get more information about the release, all the tracks are believed to be cover versions.



The Florentines - Man Of Mine ep

The Florentines were a name used by Louise and Dierdre when they released a 12" ep with EL Records (a subsiduary of Cherry Red.

Cat no : GPO25T 

Track listing:

Man Of Mine (Singh-Loft)

Lose That Long Face (Arlen-Gershwin)

Whisper Not (Golsen)

Get Out Of Town (Cole Porter)

Produced by Derek Wadsworth

Re-released as a CD single in Japan VAP25611

The first three tracks are available on iTunes as part of compilations.

This Mortal Coil - Filigree & Shadow

4AD 1986

LP: DAD609, MC: DADC609, CD: CAD609CD


"Tarantula" (Vocals by Dominic Appleton, Deirdre & Louise Rutkowski) (written by Colourbox) 

"Morning Glory" (Vocals by Deirdre & Louise Rutkowski) (written by Tim Buckley)

"I Want to Live" (Vocals by Deirdre & Louise Rutkowski) (written Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb)

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Song To The Siren

Thomson advert 1986

Vocals Louise Rutkowski

I've just been reading the 'Story of 4AD' book and it mentions how Thomson Holidays wanted to use the Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil version of 'Song To The Siren' but the Cocteau's decided against it so it was re-recorded by Louise. The advert is only 40 seconds long and you can view it here or just listen to the music.

Song To The Siren (Thomson Advert).mp3

The Kindness of Strangers - H•O•P•E

Interscope Records 1993 CD 7 92241-2


1  The Kindness Of Strangers 

2  Across The Border (Lyrics By – Louise Rutkowski, Producer – Nellee Hooper)

3  Tomorrow (Producer, Mixed By – Dave Stewart)

4  Memory Takes My Hand (Remix – Paul O'Duffy)

5  Walk Away 

6  Oh My America 

7  Live In The World 

8  Sunday 

9  The Day That I Found Love 

10  Shelter For Love 

11  Desire (Remix – Paul O'Duffy)

12  The Kindness Of Strangers (Reprise) 

Vocals – Louise Rutkowski

Keyboards, Music By, Lyrics By – Craig Armstrong

Music By, Lyrics By – Peter Arnott

Producer – Craig Armstrong (tracks: 1, 4, 11, 12), Paul O'Duffy (tracks: 5 to 10)

This Mortal Coil - Blood

4AD 1991

LP: DAD 1005, MC: DADC1005, CD: DAD 1005 CD


"The Lacemaker" (Vocals by Caroline Crawley & Deirdre Rutkowski)

"With Tomorrow" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski) (written by Gene Clark)

"Nature's Way" (Vocals by Alison Limerick & Deirdre Rutkowski) (written by Spirit)

"I Come and Stand at Every Door" (Vocals by Louise Rutkowski, Deirdre Rutkowski & Tim Freeman) (written by The Byrds)

"Bitter" (Vocals by Ikuko Kozu, Alison Limerick & Deirdre Rutkowski)

"Baby Ray Baby" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski)

"Help Me Lift You Up" (Vocals by Caroline Crawley & Deirdre Rutkowski) (written by Mary Margaret O'Hara) 

"Carolyn's Song" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski) (written by Rain Parade)

"D.D. and E" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski)

"Till I Gain Control Again" (Vocals by Heidi Berry, Louise Rutkowski & Deirdre Rutkowski) (originally recorded by Emmylou Harris, written by Rodney Crowell)

"Dreams Are Like Water" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski)

"Iam Am The Cosmos" (Vocals by Dominic Appleton, Deirdre Rutkowski) (written by Chris Bell)

"(Nothing But) Blood" (Vocals by Deirdre Rutkowski)

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The Hope Blister ....smiles ok

4AD 1998

CAD 8008 CD

Vocals by Louise Rutkowski


"Dagger" (Neil Halstead)

"Only Human" (Heidi Berry)

"Outer Skin" (Chris Knox)

"Sweet Unknown" (A. Shaw)

"Let the Happiness In" (David Sylvian)

"Is Jesus Your Pal" (Slowblow)

"Spider and I" (Brian Eno)

"Hanky Panky Nohow" (John Cale)

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Louise Rutkowski with The Roland Perrin Trio - 'Six Songs'

CD: JOCKCD1 2001

The One You Love

Real Emotional Girl

Love Story (You and Me)

I Don't Want to Hear it Anymore


I'll be Home

(all tracks written by Randy Newman)

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Also see Louise Rutkowski interview  

Louise Rutkowski with the Mihkail Rojkov Jazz Quartet

My Funny Valentine

Night And Day

You Go To My Head

They Can't Take It Away From Me

Demo performance Arranged, Recorded and Produced by Leo Saidenough (piano), Scotland 2009. These have not been made commercially available but have been videoed and posted on YouTube by Leo. You can view them all here  

 Sea of Wires - Leaving the Electric Circus


Cashew Kisses - featuring Louise Rutkowski on vocals

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Louise Rutkowski - Mimi


The first of several ‘taster tracks’, and the product of a writing partnership with Glaswegian musician Irvin Duguid. ‘Mimi’ has been mixed by Calum Malcolm, recording engineer with The Blue Nile.

Available for download from iTunes

For more information go to Louise Rutkowski's Home Page

Artist: Waves on Canvas featuring Louise Rutkowski
Title: Angel
Label: Psychonavigation Records
Label ID: PSY 048-1
Limited Edition Clear Vinyl 7" with Exclusive Download Ticket
Release Date: 14th November 2011

Side A: Angel
Vocals: Louise Rutkowski
Music and Production: Stefano Guzzetti
Lyrics: Stefano Guzzetti and Louise Rutkowski

Side B: Angel (John Fryer Mix)
Produced and Remixed by John Fryer
at The Empire Recording Room

Mastered by Noel Summerville
With special thanks to Louise Rutkowski, John Fryer, Vaughan Oliver, Marc Atkins, Bernd Hugo and Keith Downey for making this possible.

Sleeve Design: Vaughan Oliver at v23
Design assistance: Brian Whitehead
Photography: Marc Atkins at

© 2011 Psychonavigation Records
P.O. Box 8496, Dublin 9, Ireland

Hear on Soundcloud

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Download from Bleep

Louise Rutkowski - Diary of a Lost Girl (to be released)

1. The Mearns

2. Remember

3. Bedtime Story

4. Mimi

5. Help Me

6. Rhoda

7. Float

8. Valentine

9. It's Time

10. Who Are They?

11. The Passing

12. High

13. Jigsaw

Read an interview I did with Louise about the new album



Louise Rutkowski - Remember

Free download (click on download link)

The track 'It's Time' was offered as a free download in 2012 and will be included on the new album

Message from Louise:

Hi there

Welcome to the wonderful world of PledgeMusic and to my page.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have worked with 4AD Records as part of the collective, This Mortal Coil, as lead vocalist on the 4AD project The Hope Blister, and vocalist on a one-off album project with Interscope Records under the band name The Kindness of Strangers. I have also self-released an EP of Randy Newman songs.

It’s been a dream of mine to release an album of my own songs and I’ve been working on this with co-writer, Irvin Duguid, for quite some time.

I’m in the home straight now and many of you I know are really looking forward to hearing the album. All the songs are written and recorded and I just need a little help to get me over the finishing line and make this dream a reality – it’s so close, it’s agony!

All you have to do is choose something from the list of exclusive items and experiences, shown here on the right. Your bank account won’t be charged until the target at the top reaches 100%. Whatever you choose from the list you will also receive, free of charge, a digital download of the album as soon as it is released. And if that wasn’t enough, by pledging you will also get exclusive “Pledgers Only” access to the backstage updates section where I will be posting music, artwork and news on the album as it moves towards completion. It really is that simple – if you Pledge or promise to buy the album, or anything else, I can make it!

We are in the final stages of mixing and mastering and for this I’ve chosen to work with Calum Malcolm, who has already completed three tracks. Calum is the man behind The Blue Nile’s recordings and perfect for my music.

A successful campaign will help me finish the album and release it both digitally and on CD in a limited edition format giving me the product I need to get back in the running in the music industry – where a lot of you have kindly told me I should be!

The best thing about Pledge is that it helps others at the same time as realising the dreams of so many talented people. I will be donating 10% of everything pledged once the 100% target is reached to Attitude is Everything, a charity I was involved with at its inception while I was Assistant Music Officer with Arts Council England back in the 90s. It’ll be so good to be involved again and I know first-hand how tirelessly the charity works to improve access to music for deaf and disabled people.

Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to “meeting” you!!

Love, Louise

To pledge go to 

 Video of Louise talking about the new album.

Ross Campbell Biography

Having enjoyed a varied career as a composer, songwriter and musician, Ross Campbell has emerged over the last few years as one of Scotland’s most sought-after film and television composers. Ross studied composition at the Royal College of Music in London and then, with James MacMillan, at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Whilst maintaining his interest in writing for the concert hall, Ross went on to pursue a career in commercial music, touring and recording with a variety of jazz and rock acts. A number of his songs have become hit singles, including “Push The Feeling On” for Nightcrawlers, which became Island Records’ biggest-selling 12” single of all time, with sales of 750,000 copies in the USA alone. He was a writer of 'Hotel Room Service' by Pitbull, which was the most performed song in the USA in 2009 and was top 40 in 32 territories.

Ross has been writing for TV and film as well as for theatre companies since the mid-1990s. He provided the music for Wark Clements’ major series, Victorian Scots, made for Channel 4. Drama credits include Scottish Television’s King’s of the Wild Frontier and the BBC’s Rice Paper Stars (dramas commissioned under the “New Found Land” and “Tartan Short” schemes respectively). He has become a favourite of the producers and directors of Scottish Television’s long-running and highly-successful crime drama Taggart -and and has scored all episodes of the 2003 series. His music for episode 52, entitled Death Trap, transmitted in the Summer of 2002, prompting unexpected praise on national radio from BBC Radio 1’s Steve Wright!

In the world of theatre Ross has a particular association with the Borderline Theatre Company, and has provided music for several touring productions. He has composed the music for a large number of short films, including Poor Angels -for which his score was nominated for a BAFTA Award.  

Read an interview with Ross about his time in 'Sunset Gun' and view his new website which includes audio of his new music at 

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